The Smart Way to Make Your Bike Electric

Looking for an easy way to make your bike electric? So was I...

With the recent renewed interest in biking came a surge in electric bike sales. And it’s no wonder, they're fun - making a 30 minute trip feel like a 10 minute one. So, like so many people in the US, I was ready to get an electric bike - both for me and my daughter. But I didn’t want the expense of buying two new bikes - there was nothing wrong with either of ours. When I started looking at ebike conversion kits I found complexity and confusion. I wanted something simple, easy and fun...

And that's how SmartBikeWheel was born.

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Starting at only
$495 USD

SmartBikeWheel is an innovative product that combines everything you need to make your bike electric in one compact, easy to install unit.

The motor, battery pack and controller are all integrated within the hub. And with bluetooth wireless communications built in, there are no unsightly wires, cables or sensors needed. All you need to do is swap out your front wheel and you can be enjoying the freedom and convenience of riding on pure electric power.

Smart Phone App

SmartBikeWheel includes a free Smart Phone App for either iOS or Android devices. This app lets you configure the SmartBikeWheel for optimal performance and doubles as a display. With the app you can set the level of assistance you want SmartBikeWheel to provide while you ride, plus, you can monitor your speed, battery consumption and temperature. Ride data is logged as well, so you can see how far you rode, average speed, top speed, uphill distance, calories consumed and more. We include a handlebar mount for your phone in the SmartBikeWheel package, but you don't need your phone to use SmartBikeWheel. SmartBikeWheel remembers your last settings, so you can enjoy your ride even if your phone needs charging or was left behind.

How SmartBikeWheel works

SmartBikeWheel uses a proprietary technology called SmartAssist. SmartAssist calculates the power you need automatically while you ride. It monitors your speed, the grade of the road and the assist level you select to determine the optimal amount of power to provide.
  • Traveling on a flat road? SmartBikeWheel gives you the assistance you need.
  • Going up a hill? SmartBikeWheel increases the assistance to cut your hills down to size.
  • Coasting down a hill? SmartBikeWheel knows not to assist.
  • And don't worry, power is stopped automatically when you brake. SmartBikeWheel really is that smart!.
  • Options

    Now, we know everyone is different, and some of you may want some control over SmartAssist. Don't worry - we've got you covered. SmartBikeWheel can use Smart Assist, Pedal Assist or a thumb throttle for manual control.
  • With an optional Pedal Assist Sensor in place, SmartAssist only operates, while you are pedaling, giving you a more natural ride experience.
  • Our optional Throttle/Display allows you to add extra power when you need it, while providing many of the display functions that a phone app provides.
  • Fits bikes new and old

    SmartBikeWheel comes with a rim and tire pre-mounted. We stock the most common size in the U.S., 26", and can get additional sizes for our international customers. SmartBikeWheel does need a front fork at least 4" (10cm) with standard dropout slots a bit over 3/8" (10mm).

    SmartBikeWheel is super easy to install because bluetooth.

    Bluetooth allows SmartBikeWheel to communicate wirelessly with an app on your iOS or Android smartphone. And the app is just a free download away. The app does so many things -
  • setup SmartBikeWheel and configure different options
  • controls for you to set your assist level while riding
  • a real-time dashboard with speedometer, power meter, battery and temperature gauge
  • a tracker for current and total ride data
  • even a virtual lock which sounds an alarm while magnetically locking the front wheel!
  • The App does so many things, you might not want to ride without it - but you could. SmartBikeWheel remembers your settings - including your assist level - so you don't need to carry your phone with you to enjoy SmartBikeWheel.

    Want to give it a try?

    You can download the SmartBikeWheel app right now to take it for a spin. Of course, you won't have SmartBikeWheel to connect to, so some functionality won't be enabled. but you can get a feel for how the SmartBikeWheel app will look on your phone.

    install requirement

    Will SmartBikeWheel fit your bike?

    It's pretty easy to tell with just a ruler... SmartBikeWheel needs roughly 4 inches of room between the ends of your bike's front forks. And 5 and a 1/2 inches up from the axle it needs roughly 3 and 1/4 inches of room.
    To make it even easier, we created a template for you to use. Download the template, print it out and follow the instructions and you'll know for sure.

    SmartBikeWheel comes with everything you need to install it on your bike.

    SmartBikeWheel comes pre-installed on a quality aluminum rim with tube and tire. Nuts and washers are also pre-installed on the axle. Packed with SmartBikeWheel are its charger, wrenches, additional washers, phone mount and even a 160mm disc brake rotor.

    what's included

    Fill in the form below to get the SmartBikeWheel sizing template sent to you in email.

    Sound too good to be true?

    It's not.

    Sam Gross at Electric Bike Report put SmartBikeWheel through its paces and had this to say:

    "The SmartBikeWheel performed as good or better than many entry-level e-bikes we’ve reviewed at Electric Bike Report. Not only does it climb well, get up to speed quickly and boast stellar battery life, it’s remarkably cheap and simple to install."

    Watch the full review here.

    "Great product, easy to use and simple to install, the best way to transform your bike to an E-Bike."
    - T.W.

    "I got the smart bike wheel kit for my wife's diamondback and it's fantastic. She loves the ease of use. The thumb throttle/ display and pedal sensor are easy to install and all in all we are thrilled."
    - S.S.

    "I thank you for following up and ensuring the quality of your product. Most companies would not have bothered, so it shows you stand by your product. I look forward to using it for a long time."
    - J.H.

    "It is so easy. I love riding my bike again."
    - F.M.

    Customers love SmartBikeWheel and we think you will too.

    Not only do we offer a full one year warranty on SmartBikeWheel, we gaurantee you'll love it or your money back. That's right, we are so sure that once you try SmartBikeWheel that you will love it, that if you don't, you can return it for your money back.

    Of course terms and conditions apply, but we've taken ALL the risk out of purchasing SmartBikeWheel:

    Super easy installation that you can do yourself in minutes

    Sizing template to confirm SmartBikeWheel will fit your bike

    Everything you need for installation is included - SmartBikeWheel is pre-installed with the tire size of your choice, we include the charger, tools, phone mount, free app, disc brake and all instructions

    US Shipping and support

    12 month warranty

    A money-back gaurantee that you will love SmartBikeWheel

    We even offer financing through PayPal to break up our cost into 3 payments or take 6 months to pay.

    Aren't you ready to ride your electric bike?

    What have you got to lose?

    Easy Install

    Just swap out your bike's front wheel - no wires, no cables, no sensors, no fooling. We even provide you a set of tools.

    1 year warranty

    1 year full coverage - parts and labor. Rest assured, your SmartBikeWheel will be there for you.

    You'll love it, gauranteed

    If you haven't fallen in love with your SmartBikeWheel in 21 days, drop us a note and we will take it back for a full refund. See the details here.


    We think you will love your SmartBikeWheel,
    but if it doesn't float your boat, we'll take it back for a full refund.

    In order to get your refund, you will need to follow the rules...

    The Rules

    1. You have received your SmartBikeWheel and within 3 weeks, you have determined it does not meet your needs.

    2. You have not put more than 5 miles on your SmartBikeWheel.

    3. Your SmartBikeWheel is in like-new condition - no scrapes, dents, bent spokes etc.

    4. You have your original packing materials to ship it back.

    5. You have all of the components - cover, charger, phone holder, tools, manual to return.

    6. Congrats, you made it! Now send us an email at with the subject line "Return request" and we will get the wheel turning, as it were...