App Setup

App Features

1. Settings - Click this icon to open the settings screen and configure your SmartBikeWheel.

2. SmartBikeWheel name - This is the name of the SmartBikeWheel the app is currently connected to.

3. Find - Clicking the find icon will start the app searching for a SmartBikeWheel within 30'

4. Temperature - Current temperature of the connected SmartBikeWheel.

5. Time Connected - The amount of time connected to the SmartBikeWheel in the current session.

6. Battery - The remaining charge in the connected SmartBikeWheel's battery pack.

7. Power indication - The assist the connected SmartBikeWheel is currently providing

8. Speedometer - The speed of the SmartBikeWheel.

9. Bluetooth connection - Clicking this icon allows you to connect or disconnect from the currently selected SmartBikeWheel. It will show as blue when connected

10. Lock - Clicking this icon will put the SmartBikeWheel into lock mode. If the SmartBikeWheel is moved while in lock mode it will make a high pitched tone and resist movement. This is not a substitute for locking your bike, but may be used in addition to a physical lock.

11. Current Mileage - The distance traveled by SmartBikeWheel in the current session.

12. Pedal Assist button - clicking on this icon will enable (purple) or disable (grey) the optional pedal assist function.

13. Uphill Mileage - The distance traveled by SmartBikeWheel in the current session that was determined to be uphill.

14. Assist levels - Clicking the Assist Levels will tell how much assist to provide in a normal situation. 25% being lowest and 99% being highest.

15. Stop - Clicking Stop will turn off SmartBikeWheel's assist .

16. Start - Holding down the start button will increase the assist level. Start will only operate while the button is pressed.

Settings Page

Name - Allows you to set the name of the connected SmartBikeWheel.

Firmware upgrade - Displays the firmware version in the connected SmartBikeWheel, and allows you to upgrade it.

Wheel restart - Performs a restart of the connected SmartBikeWheel. This is helpful when troubleshooting problems.

Gyro angle Calibration - Allows you to view and set the Gyro, which is used to detect the slope of the rode for uphill/downhill operation.

Total Record - A set of logs that provide a cumulative summary of how the SmartBikeWheel has been used.

Current Record - A set of logs that provide a summary of how the SmartBikeWheel has been used in the current session.

Overspeed Alarm - The speed at which the SmartBikeWheel will emit a steady tone to alert the rider that the set speed has been reached.

Speed Limit - The speed that the SmartBikeWheel will stop providing assistance.

Cadence Device - Allows you to select and check status of the Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) or Cadence Device.

Language - Select the appropriate langauge for the app to use.

Measurement - Select either Metric or Imperial

Wheel Size - Select the tire size used on the SmartBikeWheel. The tire size is used to determines the speed.

Hub Model - This should be BX-30 which is the manufacturer's designation for SmartBikeWheel.

Bluetooth - This is the Bluetooth device info for the connected SmartBikeWheel.

Restore factory - This will allow you to wipe all configured settings in the connected SmartBikeWheel and return the factory settings. NOTE - you may need to update the firmware after restoring.

App version - This shows the version of the app.

Instructions - Clicking Instructions will take you to this page.


Installation Instructions

Click the download button below to download the latest PDF version of our Installation guide.

Installation Videos

SmartBikeWheel Installation Tips and Tricks

SmartBikeWheel YouTube Channel


Symptom Cause Remedy
SmartBikeWheel won't turn on. Battery needs charging Charge SmartBikeWheel
SmartBikeWheel won't connect to app. Bluetooth issues. 1. Make sure phone has bluetooth enabled and app can find and connect with SmartBikeWheel.
2. Make sure SmartBikeWheel is charged - SmartBikeWheel can't connect with a dead battery.
SmartBikeWheel won't fit - too tight. fork <100 mm wide. Remove washers and/or move anti-rotate washers to outside the fork.
VIDEO - Forks too narrow
SmartBikeWheel won't fit - too loose. fork >100 mm wide. Add washers or spacers to axle within the fork. Washers should provide a stable suface for tightening axle nuts.
VIDEO - Forks too wide
Axle nuts seat at an angle against fork. Fork ends have indent for smaller nuts. Make sure the spring washer is under the nut or place additional washers under the nut so that the nut seats correctly against the fork.
VIDEO - Nuts won't seat
SmartBikeWheel making screeching noise and resists turning. App has locked the SmartBikeWheel. Open the app and press the Lock icon on the right side to unlock the SmartBikeWheel.
SmartBikeWheel won't turn freely. Brake drag 1. Check to see where the brakes are binding against the SmartBikeWheel and adjust until the SmartBikeWheel spins freely.
2. Check to see if the SmartBikeWheel is centered in the fork. Washers may need to be moved from one side to the other to center the SmartBikeWheel.
VIDEO - Adjust V-Brake
SmartBikeWheel keeps going when braking. Gyro angle mis-adjusted 1. Confirm the shiny axle end is up (toward handlebars)
2 .Find a level surface and reset your gyro to 0 degrees
VIDEO - Check gyro
SmartBikeWheel does not provide extra power when going uphill. Gyro angle mis-adjusted 1. Confirm the shiny axle end is up (toward handlebars)
2 .Find a level surface and reset your gyro to 0 degrees
VIDEO - Check gyro
SmartBikeWheel applies power when going downhill. Gyro angle mis-adjusted Gentle slopes may not be identified as downhill.
1. Confirm the shiny axle end is up (toward handlebars)
2 .Find a level surface and reset your gyro to 0 degrees
VIDEO - Check gyro
SmartBikeWheel Pedal Assist option not working. 1. Pedal Assist disabled on main screen
2. Pedal Assist Sensor not connected
An icon near the center of the main screen allows you to enable/disable the Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS). If the icon is grey, the PAS is disabled. Press the icon to enable it. It should connect with the sensor and turn purple.
If the icon does not turn purple, go to the Setup screen and click Cadence Device to check the status of the PAS.
Pedal Assist Sensor is not found after bike is parked. Pedal Assist Sensor has gone to sleep to save power. Turn the crank to "wake up" the pedal assist sensor.

When all else fails - ask an expert...