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Tired of peddling?

Looking for easier way to ride your bike?

Our optional bluetooth Throttle-Display may be just the thing for your SmartBikeWheel or PlusOne.  

The Bluetooth Throttle-Display allows you to manually adjust your speed with the thumb throttle while providing you with an overview of your SmartBikeWheel's or PlusOne operation.

Configuration of the SmartBikeWheel or PlusOne settings can also be done through the Throttle-Display replacing the need for the phone app entirely. The throttle overrides the assist setting when used, allowing you to increase your speed when needed. Releasing the throttle returns SmartBikeWheel or PlusOne to standard operation using its assist setting.

Using Bluetooth 5.0, the throttle is completely wireless. It has a lithium battery inside that provides approximately 200 hours of active time and 1 year of standby time. Recharging is done through a USB port with a commonly available phone charger (not included).

The Bluethooth Throttle-Display is easy to install on your handlebar. It's designed to fit a 22.5mm (1") bar on either the left or right side and can be shimmed to fit smaller sizes.

Speed and distance can be displayed in MPH or KM.

The Pedal Assist Sensor does work with the Throttle/Display with the Throttle active only while pedaling.