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Pedal Assist Sensor

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Looking for a more natural way to ride your e-bike?

Our Bluetooth Pedal Assist Sensor may be just the ticket.

This small device attaches below one of your pedals to wirelessly tell SmartBikeWheel or PlusOne how you're pedaling.

  • Pedaling a lot? - SmartAssist will provide the right amount of assist.
  • Not pedaling at all? - SmartAssist will stop assisting. It's that simple.

The Pedal Assist Sensor uses Bluetooth 5 and is rechargeable using a standard phone charger.

It attaches (and removes) easily using a rubber tie.

Use the SmartBikeWheel app to connect the Pedal Assist Sensor to SmartBikeWheel or PlusOne, set the assist level, and you are ready to go.

Plus, the Pedal Assist Sensor will work with the optional Throttle/Display.