Introducing Smart Bike Wheel

SmartBikeWheel Combines Everything You Need To Make Your Bike Electric In The Hub of Your Front Wheel

The motor, battery pack and controller are all integrated within the hub. And with bluetooth wireless communications built in, there are no unsightly wires, cables or sensors needed. In as little as 3 minutes you can install SmartBikeWheel on your bike and enjoy the freedom and convenience of riding on pure electric power.

How SmartBikeWheel Works

SmartBikeWheel uses a proprietary technology called SmartAssist™. SmartAssist calculates the power you need automatically while you ride. It monitors your speed, the grade of the road and the assist level you select to determine the optimal amount of power to provide.

  • Level roads

    On a flat road? SmartBikeWheel gives you the assistance you need.

  • Up Hill

    Going up a hill? SmartBikeWheel increases the assistance to cut your hills down to size.

  • Down Hill

    Coasting down a hill? SmartBikeWheel knows not to assist.
    And don't worry, power is stopped automatically when you brake. SmartBikeWheel really is that smart!

  • Bluetooth allows SmartBikeWheel to communicate wirelessly with an app on your iOS or Android smartphone. And the app is just a free download away. The app does so many things -
    • setup SmartBikeWheel and configure different options
    • controls for you to set your assist level while riding
    • a real-time dashboard with speedometer, power meter, battery and temperature gauge
    • a tracker for current and total ride data
    • even a virtual lock which sounds an alarm while magnetically locking the front wheel!

    The App does so many things, you might not want to ride without it - but you could. SmartBikeWheel remembers your settings - including your assist level - so you don't need to carry your phone with you to enjoy SmartBikeWheel.


We know everyone is different, and some of you may want some control over SmartAssist. Don't worry - we've got you covered. SmartBikeWheel can use SmartAssist, Pedal Assist or a Throttle/Display unit for manual control.

And both are 100% wireless for ease of installation.

  • Bluetooth Throttle/Display

    Our optional Bluetooth Throttle/Display allows you to add extra power when you need it, while providing many of the display functions that a phone app provides.

  • Bluetooth Pedal Assist Sensor

    The optional Bluetooth Pedal Assist Sensor allows you to control when SmartAssist operates. SmartAsssit works normally while you are pedaling, and turns off when you stop.

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Will Smart Bike Wheel Fit Your Bike?

It's pretty easy to tell with just a ruler... SmartBikeWheel needs roughly 4 inches of room between the ends of your bike's front forks. And 5 and a 1/2 inches up from the axle it needs roughly 3 and 1/4 inches of room.

To make it even easier, we created a template for you to use. Download the template, print it out and follow the instructions and you'll know for sure.

Download Sizing Template

Is SmartBikeWheel not a good fit? Try the NEW PlusOne...

Sound too good to be true? IT'S NOT!

Our Customers Love Us and You Will Too

  • Easy Install

    Just swap out your bike's front wheel - no wires, no cables, no sensors, no fooling. We even provide you a set of tools

  • 1 year warranty

    1 year full coverage - parts and labor. Rest assured, your SmartBikeWheel will be there for you.

  • Our Customers love us and so will you.

    Customers love SmartBikeWheel and chances are you will too. But if SmartBikeWheel isn't your thing, you can return it. See the details in the Return Policy below.